can an Anon have a kiss from anyone of the gang? pleaseeee

Why would I kill you Ruby? Your cute face makes me mad for several reasons

wheres the cake at

were going to bring it out later!

Can I slaughter Ruby?

If you cry sometimes, why is that?

Archy: Wanna fight?

yellow do you want to set things on fire? y/y

What is the most heinous act of villainy you have committed to date? What do you think you would have to do in order to outdo yourself on that particular field?

I dont really know how to top that. Kill a pokemon? that would be going too far if you ask me.

universe b for 15 asks m8

((gotta finish up the current m!a before we start another one like that yo))

((and we got 0 other asks rn))

Hello Evil Brat are you in romantic relationship with Red?