all the evil organization leaders are invited to a big sleepover at the rocket hq. do they accept?

((they are confused and honestly dont know what to do with this invitation))

Actually I meant the kids of the kids, if that makes sense. Though that's definitely helpful still. I mean, everybody is having babies and I'm not sure whose kid is who and what and just. Yeah. So long as it's not too much, could you explain each kid and who the parents are? And their name?

((Oh! lmoa sure 

here’s full line up of kids!image

First one up there is Gold Jr Scarlett Maryann. She’s Gold/silver’s kid and came out of an egg. shes the only kid that’s like actually alive atm on the blog. shes a tiny bby.

Second kid to the right of Jr is Ricin. He’s Yellow and Red’s kid. One more month til he’s ready to pop out.

And then next to ricin is Emelly. The Rusa bby.

Zelda’s blue/sabrina, Ifrita’s Jasmine/Faulkner , Malcolm Daisy/Green, Natalia’s Gio/Red, Denny Duska and Dimitri Jones’ is Silver/Crystal, and Tucker Teal’s is Gold/Crys.))

((there’s more stuff about the kids in the gold jr and friends tag))

Let me just roll around in my blankets screaming like a fangirl that you responded to my thing since I was mostly joking and didn't expect an actual response since it was stupid. Aaaaand getting over that, I sort of have a few questions: I assume Yellow's child's dad is Red, right? I'm not sure anymore because I'm so lost. How come you ask we avoid genderbent? Have you done it before and it went bad or something(I hope this doesn't sound rude I'm just curious.) Who are all the EvilSpe's kids

((Yes Red is the daddy! It’s alright to be lost. I post in splurges so its easy to miss something i guess. (tho it wouldnt hurt to backtrack.i have to do it all the time) ))

((The reason I’m asking to avoid “genderbent” because  i learned its an offensive term to trans people. (a more acceptable term ive learned to use in place of that however is “spectrum sliding”) and yes it has been done before on the blog before i learned about that. and it turned out so and so))

((All the Main kids are Yellow,Silver Red, and Blue.))

((in reverse!villainspe (the m!a that’s going on right now) the kids are Crystal,Gold, Green, and Daisy))

…Oh….Are we back??

you meant this shirt right?

it was something else! 


Nice and relaxing! 

i cannot believe her.